Katy Perry – Part Of Me


America`s Next Top Model 18 Week 4

Rank : Azmarie , Laura , Kyle , Catherine , Annaliese , Eboni , Alisha , Ashley , Sophie Bottom 2 : Candace & Ashley Eliminated : Candace

America`s Next Top Model 18 Makeover

America`s Next Top Model 18 Week 2

Candace & Eboni Catherine , Sophie, Laura Kyle & Mariah Louise & Alisha Seymore & Annaliese Rank : Laura , Ashley , Eboni , Catherine , Candace , Kyle ,Sophie , Annaliese , Loise Alisha , Azmari Bottom 2 : Mariah & Seymore Eliminated : Mariah

America`s Next Top Model 18 Week 1

Episode 1 Call-Out Order : Rank          : Seymore , Kyle , Sophie , Laura , Catherine , Candace , Mariah , Azmarie , Eboni , Louise ,Alisha , Annaliese Bottom 2    : Jasmia & Ashley Eliminated  : Jasmia

The Girl who Played with Fire – A Book Review

       I am convinced this book is wrongly named. Lisbeth Salander the protagonist is definitely not the girl who plays with fire – she is fire.   This book is the second in the Millennium series written by Stieg Larsson. I have reviewed the first book here.   While the first book introduces […]

LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking

America`s Next Top Model 18 Week 0

Gulliver’s Travels – A Book Review

I am still on the classics kick as you can see! After the mammoth Bleak House, I thought the relatively slim Gulliver’s Travels would be a cakewalk. Not true at all! In some ways, this was a more challenging read. Anyway, on to the synopsis: Gulliver’s Travels really is a compilation of 4 different journeys: […]

Favorite Valentine Day Movies and Books

First of all, wish you all a happy Valentine’s day/belated wishes depending on which part of the world you live in. Wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day I have read some blog posts about people’s favorite Valentine Day reads and thought I’d like to list my favorites too… The only thing is I can […]